Six Murder Suspects Here Illegally, According to ICE

The six men arrested by Montgomery County Police in connection with the May 26 homicide of 29-year-old Francisco Anton Medrano-Campos are all in this country illegally, according to Kate Pote, public affairs specialist with ICE.

The six men, who are being held without bond and charged with first degree murder, are:

  • Carlos Andres Orellana-Orellana, a citizen of El Salvador;
  • Romeo Oxlaj-Lopez, a citizen of Guatemala;
  • Oscar Zavala-Urrea, a citizen of Honduras;
  • Daniel Enrique Huezo-Landaverde, a citizen of El Salvador;
  • Victor Cruz-Orellana, a citizen of El Salvador;
  • and Jose Luis Lainez-Martinez, a citizen of El Salvador.

Two of the suspects, Orellana-Orellana and Oxlaj-Lopez, are subject to final orders of removal issued by an immigration judge when they failed to appear for their removal hearings.

Montgomery County has a policy of not asking what someone’s immigration status is, and it does not conduct any immigration enforcement or investigations.

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