Blog: Three Standard Smartphone Apps to Super Charge Your Planning and Productivity

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Keeping track of various events, tasks (i.e., work ones, homework, chores), and figuring out time to get them done is challenging for many people. Everyone is different in what exact system works for them and finding the right one is crucial to optimal productivity, efficiency, and oftentimes less stress and situations where one feels overwhelmed. For those who have yet to find their ideal system or have no idea how to even start getting organized, here is a simple three app plan that you can likely start using right now and tweak to meet your individual needs.

  1. Calendar app (i.e., Apple Calendar, Google Calendar): Record all events on here. In addition, block out time to work on specific projects, assignments, or groups of things (i.e., pay bills, homework time).
  2. Task list app (i.e., Reminders, Google Tasks): Put tasks in this list. If you have a lot of different kinds, in the Reminders app (and many other task list apps) you can create separate lists. Common ones could include reoccurring tasks, one time work ones, homework assignments, etc. The idea is by organizing tasks into separate lists by category it makes it easier to see individual tasks and plan effectively to get them done. Furthermore, by putting a set day/time to have the task done by (or for when to devote time to complete it, it makes it easier to remember to finish it. Finally, while calendar events disappear after the time of the event (and won’t remind you the next day afterwards), tasks in a task list show as overdue and will continue to let you know they have not been completed.
  3. Notes app (i.e., Apple Notes, Google Keep) to keep track of instructions, use to break large tasks into parts, or for informal planning or keeping track of other kinds of information. Giving notes a title, using folders, and other available methods for tracking notes can give you even more benefits out of them.

These three kinds of apps, if used in the way described, will help you get started in being better organized and more productive. Obviously no matter how good a system may be, it depends on your individual needs as well as your ability to develop the use into a daily routine.

Best of luck in your organizational endeavors.

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