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The 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election is sure to be a historic election for Montgomery County. Voters will elect a governor, a state legislature, a county executive, a County Council, members of the school board, the House of Representatives, and much more. Early voting in 2022 took place July 7-14 and the Primary Election Day was July 19.

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Blair Will Ask for Recount Tuesday in Race for County Executive

David Blair, who lost to incumbent Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich by only 35 votes, will submit a petition for a recount in that race Tuesday at noon, Blair’s communication director told MyMCM.

Once that petition is received, the county board of elections will begin recounting votes in two days – just in the race for executive, according to Dr. Gilberto Zelaya of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

-Monday, Aug. 15 at 11:50 a.m.

Elrich Now Leads by 35 Votes as Election Results Officially Certified

During a meeting that lasted less than five minutes, members of the Montgomery County Board of Election (BOE) unanimously voted to certifiy the results from the July 19 primary.

According to the Maryland Board of Elections, incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich now leads businessperson David Blair by 35 votes. Elrich had led by 42 votes prior to the county BOE locating 102 additional provisional ballots that had not been counted.

-Saturday, Aug. 13 at 3:30 p.m.

Primary Election Results Expected to Be Certified Saturday Afternoon

The primary election results are expected to be certified Saturday at a specially-called 3 p.m. meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

About four hours earlier, the additional 102 provisional ballots found Thursday will be canvassed and the results tallied. While most of the outcomes in both the Democratic and Republican races are known, the results for Montgomery County executive could change.

-Friday, Aug. 12 at 5 p.m.

Board of Elections Finds 102 Uncounted Votes in County Executive Race; Final Certification Delayed

One hundred two provisional ballots that were cast in the Montgomery County executive race were found during a precertification audit late Thursday night by the Montgomery County Board of Elections and will be counted Friday.

Because only 42 votes separate Executive Marc Elrich over businessman David Blair in the Democratic primary, these newly-found provisional ballots have the potential of changing the outcome of that race.

-Friday, Aug. 12 at 7 a.m.

Recounting of Race for County Executive Expected to Begin Next Week

Official certification of the July 19 primary election is expected Friday evening. While that usually marks the end of vote counting, this time it is just one step before recounting of the race for county executive begins.

Executive Marc Elrich and businessman David Blair are separated by a mere 42 votes out of almost 150,000 votes cast in the Democratic primary. That recount, which was requested by Blair, tentatively is set to begin Aug. 18. Because the margin of difference between the candidates was less than .25%, Blair will not have to pay for the recount.

-Thursday, Aug. 11 at 11:30 a.m.

Mail in Ballot Status Updated from Received to Accepted Monday

For those concerned that the election board has finished counting votes but have not received any confirmation that your ballot has been included, fear not. Your ballot should be marked “accepted” Monday.

-Monday, Aug. 8 at 3:30 p.m.

Blair Solicitará Recuento En Reñida Contienda para Ejecutivo del Condado

Luego de la última tabulación de votos, el empresario David Blair anunció el domingo por la mañana que solicitará un recuento completo de votos en la contienda demócrata para ejecutivo del condado de Montgomery.

-Sunday, Aug. 7 at 10:10 a.m.

Blair to Request Recount, Hopeful ‘Outcome Will Be In Our Favor’

Businessman David Blair announced Sunday morning that he will be requesting a full recount, following the latest vote count in the race for Montgomery County Executive.

“After several weeks of counting and virtually all votes recorded, the Associated Press has declared this race too close to call. Given the extremely close margins, we will be requesting a full recount and are hopeful that the outcome will be in our favor,” Blair said in a statement.

-Sunday, Aug. 7 at 10:10 a.m.

With 42 Vote Lead, Elrich Claims Victory Over Blair

As of Saturday evening after more than 110,000 ballots have been counted, incumbent Marc Elrich leads businessman David Blair by only 42 votes in the Democratic primary for County Executive. If the count stands, Elrich would be the Democratic nominee running against Republican primary winner Reardon Sullivan in the November 8 election.

The vote is presumably headed for a recount but shortly before midnight Saturday, Elrich claimed victory.

-Saturday, Aug. 6 at Midnight

In Latest Vote Count, Elrich Lead Over Blair Grows Slightly

After a 12th day of vote counting, incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich’s very slim lead over businessman David Blair has grown slightly.

-Friday, Aug. 5 at 10 p.m.

The Primary Election Vote Count Goes On….And On

With at least two more days now scheduled to canvass the July 19 Primary Election results, you may be wondering just how many votes remain uncounted?

My MCM contacted Dr. Gilberto Zelaya, the Board of Elections spokesperson, on Thursday to get the answers. There will be no new results posted tonight. Instead, volunteers will process the paperwork, crosschecking and preparing for Friday and Saturday’s resumption of counting.

-Thursday, Aug. 4 at 12:20 p.m.

Elrich Maintains Slim Lead In County Executive Race

After 11 days of canvassing, the incumbent County Executive hangs on to a slim lead in the race for the Democratic candidate on the November ballot. As of Wednesday evening around 10 p.m. when the numbers were posted Marc Elrich was ahead of his opponent David Blair by a mere 154 votes. Elrich claimed 51,883 votes compared to Blair’s 51, 729. The margin between the two candidates is less than 2 tenths of a percent.

No votes will be counted tomorrow but starting Friday morning at 10 a.m. activity resumes at the Germantown campus of Montgomery College.And the Board of Elections has already scheduled a canvass for Saturday as well. According to the website, additional dates will be scheduled if needed.

-Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 10:45 p.m.

Elrich Ekes Out a Bigger Lead

Incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich added a little over 50 votes to his lead over challenger David Blair after Tuesday’s votes were tallied.

-Tuesday, Aug. 2 at 10:40 p.m.

Democratic County Executive Race Seesaws

The Board of Elections posted the results of the latest canvass at a little after 9 p.m. Monday. And the lead has flipped from businessman David Blair to incumbent Marc Elrich. At the completion of the 8th day of vote counting, Elrich moved past Blair for the first time in several days by 120 votes. According to the Unofficial 2022 Primary Results, Elrich has garnered 49, 804 votes to Blair’s 49,654. At the moment, Elrich’s margin over his opponent is less than one-tenth of a percent, with 39.29% to Blair’s 39.20%.

-Monday, Aug. 1 at 11 p.m.

Lo Último en la Reñida Contienda Para Ejecutivo del Condado

La Junta Electoral publicó los resultados del último escrutinio poco después de las 9 p.m. del lunes. Aunque el conteo de votos sigue, el liderazgo en la contienda democrática para ejecutivo del condado de Montgomery ha pasado del empresario David Blair al actual funcionario Marc Elrich.

-Monday, Aug. 1 at 11 p.m.

Blair & Elrich — It’s a Squeaker: The Latest

Businessman David Blair still leads incumbent Marc Elrich in the Democratic race for County Executive. But the race among the Democratic candidates couldn’t be much tighter. The Board of Elections latest results posted Sunday morning show Blair in the lead by 21 votes. Blair has 47,980 votes to Elrich’s 47,959 votes which is just a 0.02% difference.

Processing ballots continues today at the Board of Elections in Gaithersburg. Today the volunteers tackle questionable mail in ballots. Some may be duplicates of in person voting or were not signed before being mailed. Counting ballots resumes on Monday at at the Germantown Montgomery College campus. The public may observe the process in person or watch the live stream. More information is available online at the Board of Elections website.

– Sunday, July 31 at 11:50 a.m.

The Race for County Executive: The Latest

Certified volunteers continue to canvass ballots at Montgomery College’s Germantown campus. As of Friday morning, there were 22,000 more mail-in ballots and 8000 provisional ballots to process. And the latest results are in.

With a 39.32% share of the current ballots counted, challenger David Blair maintains the slight lead he established earlier this week by a margin of 131 votes. Not so far behind, incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich can claim 39.21% of the current total with 48, 693 votes. But his opponent stays ahead with 48,824 votes in his column.

-Friday, July 29 at 9:10 p.m.

Vote Counting Continues; Additional Canvassing Days to be Added Next Week

Day six of canvasing continued Friday at the Montgomery College campus in Germantown. Officials say they plan additional days to count mail-in and provisional ballots next week. As of Friday, more than 47,000 ballots of the nearly 67,000 mail-in ballots received have been tabulated. Approximately 30,000 ballots still need to be counted.

– Friday, July 29 at 5:50 p.m.

Junta Electoral Continua Escrutinio de Votos Por Correo

Después de casi dos semanas desde el día de las elecciones primarias, el sexto día de escrutinio continuó el viernes en el campus de Montgomery College en Germantown. Los funcionarios dicen que planean agregar días adicionales la próxima semana para seguir contando votos por correo y empezar a tabular boletas provisionales.

– Friday, July 29 at 5:50 p.m.

Elrich Says Close Democratic Race for County Executive is ‘Not Unexpected’

The Democratic race for Montgomery County Executive continues as incumbent Marc Elrich and businessman David Blair remain in a battle still too close to call.  According to the latest unofficial results from the State Board of Elections, Blair has 42,722 (39.33%) votes to Elrich’s 42,577 (39.2%). Blair leads Elrich by 145 votes.

MyMCM spoke with Elrich recently.

-Friday, July 29 at 1:55 p.m.

Blair Says He Knew Race for County Executive Would Be an ‘Uphill Climb’

The Democratic race for Montgomery County Executive continues as incumbent Marc Elrich and businessman David Blair remain in a battle still too close to call.

MyMCM spoke with Elrich recently.

-Friday, July 29 at 1:55 p.m.

Elrich, Blair Urge Voters to ‘Be Patient’

As mail-in ballots continue to be counted following Primary Election Day in Maryland, leading democratic candidates in the Montgomery County race for county executive advise voters to be patient.

According to the latest unofficial results from the State Board of Elections, businessman David Blair has 42,705 (39.33%) votes to incumbent Marc Elrich’s 42,571 (39.2%). Blair leads Elrich by 134 votes.

As of Wednesday, more than 22,000 votes still need to be counted.

-Wednesday, July 27 at 7:07 p.m.

Contando sus Votos – Escrutinio Día 5 en la Junta Electoral

El miércoles marca el quinto día de escrutinio en el condado después del día de las elecciones primarias. Hasta ahora se han tabulado más de 41,000 boletas de las 63,918 boletas recibidas por correo. Eso deja más de 22,000 votos por contar.

La Junta Electoral del Condado de Montgomery estaba programada para comenzar a contar las boletas provisionales el miércoles. Sin embargo, “esas boletas toman algún tiempo y el objetivo es procesar el escrutinio por correo, luego las boletas provisionales y luego el escrutinio por correo parte dos”, según el Dr. Gilberto Zelaya de la Junta Electoral del Condado de Montgomery. Zelaya quien también explicó a MyMCM el proceso de solicitud de boletas en línea, que comenzó el día 5 en el campus de Montgomery College Germantown.

-Wednesday, July 27 at 4:46 p.m.

Counting Your Votes – Canvass Day 5 at the Board of Elections

Wednesday marks day five of canvass in the county after Primary Election Day. More than 41,000 ballots have been tabulated so far from the 63,918 mail-in ballots received. That leaves more than 22,000 ballots to be counted. The Montgomery County Board of Elections was scheduled to start counting provisional ballots on Wednesday. However “those ballots take some time and the goal is to process canvass mail-in, then provisional ballots and then canvass mail-in two”, according to Dr. Gilberto Zelaya from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Zelaya also explained to My MCM the web delivery requests ballots process which started on day 5 at the Montgomery College Germantown campus.

-Wednesday, July 27 at 4:29 p.m.

County Executive Race Still Too Close To Call, Vote Counting Resumes

The Board of Elections resumed ballot counting Wednesday morning following a break Tuesday. As of 9 p.m. July 26, the race for Montgomery County Executive remained too close to call. Businessman David Blair holds a slight edge over incumbent Marc Elrich.

-Wednesday, July 27 at 11:45 a.m.

Too Close to Call: Blair Regains Slim Lead Over Elrich in Back and Forth Race

The race for the Democratic Primary for Montgomery County Executive continues to be almost a dead heat. According to numbers released by the Board of Elections at 8:39 p.m. on Monday, Blair now leads Elrich by 134 votes which translates to a little over one-tenth of one percent difference. This is after more than 85.000 votes have been counted. The counting of mail-in and provisional ballots continues.

– Monday, July 25 at 11 p.m.


Albornoz Looks Ahead to Second Term, Glass Welcomes ‘Year of the Woman’

During his Monday briefing with the media, Montgomery County Council President Gabe Albornoz congratulated the Board of Elections, judges and volunteers for its ‘outstanding work counting ballots’ and said he is ‘mentally and emotionally’ prepared for his second term in the council based on the unofficial results provided daily by the State Board of Elections.

Albornoz also recognized the work of his colleagues that will not be part of the council in the near future.

– Monday, July 25 at 4:40 p.m.

Más de 30,000 Papeletas Enviadas por Correo han Sido Tabuladas

Durante su sesión informativa del lunes con los medios, el presidente del Concejo del Condado de Montgomery, Gabe Albornoz, felicitó a la Junta Electoral, a los jueces y a los voluntarios por su ‘sobresaliente trabajo en el conteo de papeletas’ y dijo que está ‘mental y emocionalmente’ preparado para su segundo mandato en el concejo basado en los resultados no oficiales proporcionados diariamente por la Junta Estatal de Elecciones.

-Monday, July 25 at 4:22 p.m.

El Concejo del Condado Avanza hacia la Mayoría Femenina en la Elección Primaria

El concejo del condado, con un total ahora de 11 miembros, parece encaminarse a una mayoría femenina, si prevalecen los principales votantes actuales y los demócratas, que tienen una ventaja de cuatro a uno en el registro de votantes, en las elecciones generales de noviembre.

-Monday, July 25 at 12:26 p.m.

Rep. Trone ‘Very Confident’ of Victory in November

In unofficial election results U.S. Rep. David Trone handily defeated Ben Smilowitz in July 19’s primary election, amassing 79.2% of the Democratic vote to Smilowitz’s 15.7%. Trone faces Republican Neil Parrott in the general election in November. Parrott received 63.2% of the vote to Matthew Foldi’s 14.8%, according to the Maryland Board of Elections. MyMCM recently spoke with Trone about the November General Election.

-Monday, July 25 at 10:14 a.m.

Sunday, July 24

Moore Declared Winner in Democratic Primary for Governor; Perez Concedes

Takoma Park native Wes Moore has been projected as the winner in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary on Saturday. Moore and his running mate Aruna Miller garnered 33.60% of the votes counted so far. Tom Perez has conceded. He and his running mate Shannon Sneed have 28.65% of the vote.

Moore and Miller will face Republican candidate Dan Cox — who was endorsed by Donald Trump — and his running mate Gordana Schifanelli in the November election.

Saturday,  July 23

After Latest Vote Count, County Council Moving Towards Female Majority

The incoming 11-member county council appears headed for a female majority, if the current top vote getters prevail, and the Democrats, who hold a four-to-one lead in voter registration, prevail in the November general election.

All results are unofficial. The Montgomery County Board of Elections continues counting mail-in votes Saturday and probably will continue into next week. Election officials also must count provisional ballots before results are declared final.

Elrich Takes Lead in Race for County Executive as Counting Continues

County Executive Marc Elrich inched into the lead Friday night with the addition of the counting of 13,500 mail-in votes. As of 11 p.m. July 22, Elrich has 35,300 votes to businessman David Blair’s 35,004. Counting of mail-in votes resumes Saturday at 10 a.m. in Germantown and results from that count are expected to be posted at 11 p.m. Final results are not expected at that time.

Friday,  July 22

Moore Projected by Some to Win Democratic Gubernatorial Primary; Perez Has Yet to Concede

Combat veteran, small business owner, and Takoma Park native Wes Moore will win the Democratic nomination for Maryland Governor, several media outlets projected Friday.

John McCarthy Holds Significant Lead in County State’s Attorney Race

Following Tuesday’s Maryland primary election, incumbent John McCarthy maintains a significant lead in the Montgomery County State’s Attorney race. On Friday, MyMCM sat down with McCarthy to discuss his time in office thus far and his goals as Montgomery County’s top prosecutor if he is reelected.

El Conteo de Votos Continúa el fin de Semana

Se escanearon más de 4.700 boletas el jueves en el campus de Montgomery College Germantown y la Junta Electoral continuará contando el sábado, según el Dr. Gilberto Zelaya, quien proporcionó a MyMCM lo último sobre el proceso electoral.

Board of Elections’ Ballot Counting Continues into Weekend

More than 4,700 ballots were scanned Thursday at the Montgomery College Germantown Campus and Board of Elections will continue counting on Saturday, according to Dr. Gilberto Zelaya who provided MyMCM the latest on the electoral process. All canvass sessions are open to the public and will be live streamed on The Board of Elections website.

Video: Conteo de Papeletas por Correo en Germantown

La tarea de conteo de boletas continúa en el condado de Montgomery. Hasta el jueves por la mañana, la Junta Electoral del Condado de Montgomery había recibido 33,650 boletas por correo de un total de 115,677 solicitudes.

MyMCM visitó el campus de Germantown de Montgomery College, donde se planea contar 13,000 votos por correo.

County Executive Race: Blair’s Lead Shrinks to 550 Votes Over Elrich

With the addition of 3,393 mail-in votes counted, County Executive Marc Elrich cut businessman David Blair’s lead in half. Blair now leads by 550 votes. Prior to counting some of the mail-in ballots, Blair led by 1,191 votes. According to unofficial results by the Maryland Board of Elections as of 5 p.m. Friday, Moore had 160,880 votes (34.5%), while his leading opponents Tom Perez and Peter Franchot had 129,329 (27.8%)  and 99,969 (21.5%) votes, respectively.

Thursday, July 21

Blair Holds Slim Lead Over Elrich; Both Candidates ‘Optimistic’ About Mail-In Ballots

Despite narrowly trailing businessman David Blair after early voting and Election Day voting in the Democratic Primary for Montgomery County Executive, incumbent Marc Elrich says he thinks things may turn around after mail-in ballots are counted.

Video: Counting Mail-In Ballots in Germantown

The task of counting ballots task continues in Montgomery County. As of Thursday morning, the Montgomery County Board of Elections had received 33,650 mail-in ballots from 115,677 total requests.

MyMCM visited Montgomery College’s Germantown Campus where 13,000 mail-in ballots will be counted. All canvass sessions are open to the public and will be livestreamed on The Board of Elections website.

Junta Electoral: ‘Estamos Contando Papeletas de Votación’

El Dr. Gilberto Zelaya de la Junta Electoral del Condado de Montgomery le dijo a MyMCM que los resultados finales podrían tomar varias semanas y solicita a los votantes que sean pacientes.

33,650 Mail In Ballots Being Counted; Blair Maintains Slender Lead Over Elrich

As of Thursday morning, the Montgomery County Board of Elections has received 33,650 mail in ballots, according to its spokesperson Dr. Gilberto Zelaya. That is out of a total request for 115,751 ballots. Of the 33,650 that were returned either by mail or into an election drop box, 29,159 were from registered Democrats and 3,436 were from registered Republicans.

With all precincts counted from early voting and election day voting, the county executive race remains extremely close. Businessman David Blair leads incumbent Marc Elrich by 1,191 votes. Four years ago, Elrich defeated Blair by just 77 votes.

Wednesday, July 20

Board of Elections: ‘We are Counting Ballots’

Votes are being counted in the July 19 Gubernatorial Primary Election for several county races. Dr. Gilberto Zelaya from the Montgomery County Board of Elections told MyMCM that final results could take several weeks. He asks voters to be patient during.

Former Councilmember, County Executive Candidate Floreen Discusses Primary 

On Wednesday, MyMCM talked to Nancy Floreen, former Montgomery County Councilmember and 2018 County Executive candidate, about results so far and what they could mean for Montgomery County.

If Voting Holds, Next County Council Will Likely Feature More Women

If results from early and primary day voting remain constant, the Montgomery County Council could have as many as seven women filling the 11 seats. Six of the seven district seats could be held by women as could one of four at large seats if all Democrats prevail.

If Republicans win, there will two female councilmembers. Currently Nancy Navarro is the lone female councilmember. Due to term limits, she could not seek reelection.

All School Board Incumbents Likely Move on to November Ballot

According to early and primary day votes, three Montgomery County Board of Education members appear likely to move on to the November general election, according to unofficial primary election results by the Maryland State Board of Elections at 12:47 p.m. Wednesday. However, these results do not include mail in or provisional ballots, which are expected to add up to more than 30,000 more votes. Counting of those votes begins Thursday and is not expected to be completed until well into August.

3 Incumbent Councilmembers Lead At-Large Race, Tom Hucker Trailing

County Council Incumbents Evan Glass, Will Jawando and Gabe Albornoz are leading in the Democratic race for the four council at-large seats, according to unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary from the Maryland Board of Elections. Councilmember Tom Hucker currently ranks sixth out of eight candidates.

Cox Projected as Republican Primary Winner, Moore Leads Democratic Race for Governor

Dan Cox has been projected as the winner of the Republican primary for Maryland Governor. Cox was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Cox has 56.2% of the votes with 98% of precincts reporting. Kelly Schulz, endorsed by incumbent Larry Hogan, has 40.3% of the vote.

In the Democratic primary, with 98% of precincts reporting, Wes Moore is leading with 36.7% of the vote. Tom Perez has 27.4%. Mail-in ballots cannot be counted until Thursday and provisional ballots will be counted beginning July 27.

Blair Narrowly Leads Elrich in Early Voting for County Executive

Businessman David T. Blair has the lead over incumbent Marc Elrich in the Democratic race for County Executive after early voting results per the Maryland State Board of Elections. Blair has 41.0% of the votes. Elrich has 36.7%. Councilmember Hans Riemer has 20.7% of the votes so far.

Primary Election Day Tuesday, July 19

Polls Closed, Partial Results Expected Tuesday Night

After all polling places in Montgomery County and the state of Maryland have closed Tuesday, partial results are expected. Final election results will not be released until mid-August according to the Board of Elections but partial results are expected Tuesday night.

Primary Election Day in Photos

The state of Maryland held its primary elections Tuesday, with dozens of powerful positions across the state and county at stake, including governor and Montgomery County executive. Despite the delay, voters showed up at polling places surrounded by the usual political yard signs, swarms of electioneers, and the occasional politically active dog.

See election day in Silver Spring, Rockville and Poolesville through the lens of photographer Joe Ryan.

Millie the dog electioneers for gubernatorial candidate Tom Perez outside of the Silver Spring Civic Center on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Takoma Park Voters Discuss Issues, Candidates

Wheaton Voters Cast Ballots: ‘I Just Wanted to Make Sure That I Do My Part’

On Primary Election Day, MyMCM talked to Montgomery County residents who came out to Arcola Elementary School in Wheaton to cast their ballots. Voting runs through 8 p.m. Tuesday and residents can vote as long as they are in line by 8 p.m.

Primary Panic: Check Your Polling Place Before You Vote

With just a few hours left to cast ballots, eligible voters are encouraged to check their polling location before voting. On Tuesday morning, many residents turned up at Wheaton Library & Community Recreation Center and the Jane E. Lawton Community Recreation Center in Chevy Chase to make their voices heard, only to discover no voting was taking place at that location.

Damascus Voters Consider it Their Duty to Vote

Voters trickled into Damascus High School Tuesday. By 11 a.m., only 167 residents had cast votes. While several voters were unaware that the results from this primary election would not be available until probably mid-August, they all said that did not surprise them.

Some Gaithersburg Residents Mail Ballots, Others Prefer in Person Voting

MyMCM spoke with voters outside the Montgomery County Board of Elections located in Gaithersburg about their voting preference and the importance of voting.

Burtonsville Voters Cast Their Ballots

MyMCM spoke to Montgomery County voters at the Marilyn J. Praisner Community Recreation Center in Burtonsville.

Voters in Rockville Share Issues Driving Them to the Polls

MyMCM spoke with voters at Colonel Zadok Magruder High School about the issues driving their votes.

Voters in Germantown Head to the Polls

Voters in Germantown headed to the polls early Tuesday morning for Primary Election Day. MyMCM spoke with voters at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Middle School about what they hope for the future of Montgomery County.

Junta Electoral da Consejos Para el día de las Elecciones Primarias

Michael Hernández, reportero de Hola Montgomery, habló en vivo con el portavoz de la Junta Electoral, el Dr. Gilberto Zelaya, antes de que abrieran las urnas el martes. Zelaya dio importantes consejos para los votantes.

Silver Spring Voters Turn Out Early

MyMCM’s Maryam Shahzad spoke with voters at the Silver Spring Civic Building Tuesday morning.

Board of Elections Spokesperson Dr. Gilberto Zilaya Gives Election Day Tips

MyMCM’s Michael Hernandez spoke with Board of Elections spokesperson Dr. Gilberto Zilaya before the polls opened and provides important election day tips for voters.

Sen. Kagan Calls County’s Goal to Release Election Results by Aug. 12 ‘a Hot Mess’

Montgomery County’s goal to declare the winners of Tuesday’s primary election is Aug. 12, more than three weeks after voting ends. Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed a bill that would have allowed election workers to begin counting write-in votes as they were sent in. Instead, election workers will only begin counting those ballots starting Thursday, two days after the primary. Maryland is the only state in the country that forbids counting mail in ballots early. MyMCM spoke with Maryland Senator Cheryl Kagan, who says the situation is “a bit of a hot mess.”

County Executive Candidates Make Last Pitches on Eve of Primary Election Day

Montgomery Community Media reached out to the six candidates running for Montgomery County Executive to get their last pitch to voters prior to Tuesday’s Primary Election Day.

photo of six county executive candidates in 2022 primary election


Cerca de 25,000 Residentes Votaron de Manera Anticipada

Cerca de 25,000 Residentes Votaron de Manera Anticipada


Nearly 25,000 Residents Voted Early

Nearly 25,000 Residents Voted Early

Junta Electoral: Resultados Finales ‘Tomarán Varias Semanas’

Junta Electoral: Resultados Finales ‘Tomarán Varias Semanas’

Better Access to the Ballot Should Be Priority,’ Sayles Says of Electronic Ballot Confusion

After learning a voter had trouble finding her name on an electronic ballot, Montgomery County Council at-large candidate and former Gaithersburg City Councilmember Laurie-Anne Sayles told myMCM on Thursday that the issue is causing confusion.

Algunos Candidatos al Concejo Arremeten Contra Súper PAC

Algunos Candidatos al Concejo Arremeten Contra Súper PAC

Board of Elections: Final Results ‘Will Take Several Weeks After Election Day ‘

Board of Elections: Final Results ‘Will Take Several Weeks After Election Day ‘

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